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The New Creatives

The New Creatives is a docu-reality series about creative people and the processes of creative work. Hosted by two of Sketchbot Media's founders, it is the colorful and dynamic incarnation of the principles and passions that drive all of our work. The show aired on BYUtv from June 6th to August 15th, 2017, and all episodes are available to stream at, and on the BYUtv app.


Photographer and activist Benjamin Von Wong wanted to remind people that plastic lasts forever, and the more we reduce and recycle, the better. We worked with Benjamin to launch #MyPlasticChallenge, and social campaign to create awareness about plastic’s long-lasting impact on nature and wildlife..

Genesis Brush

Keeping your mouth clean is no small job, requiring a toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, a tongue cleaner, and of course, your trusty toothbrush. With so much keeping those teeth pearly white, shouldn’t your toothbrush be doing most of the work for you? We produced this video to introduce the Genesis Brush, the only toothrbrush with specially designed bristles meant to clean your teeth *and* your tongue. The micro-pointed bristles are also unmatched for cleaning between braces. offers the only service for backing up your priceless memories to local, archival grade optical discs. While the technology is new, we wanted viewers to feel comfortable and familiar with the brand as they learned how it works. We produced this animation with a retro vibe to make approachable and understandable to virtually any viewer.


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