Meet the People Who Make Sketchbot Go

Austin Craig

CEO, Co-founder

Director & Producer

Personal Website

Austin Craig is a husband, father, actor, writer, director, and producer. His video work has generated over 75 million views on YouTube and millions of dollars in retail sales. He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and spoken at video and marketing conferences across the country. He loves discovering new solutions to complex problems, and deep dish pizza.

Jordan Petersen

President, Co-founder

Writer & Producer

 After wandering away from Boston University with a perfectly sensible MFA in screenwriting, Jordan found himself working alongside Austin Craig to build out a film festival. By the reckless caprices of serendipity, the festival led to the development of a docu-reality TV show. Having failed entirely to predict the future with any degree of accuracy, Jordan has finally made peace with his non-linear career. Que sara, sara.

Jared Cook

COO, Co-founder

Director of Photography & Producer

Personal Website

 Jared’s passion is to tell compelling stories through high-end visual content and capture the beautiful world we live in. He studied Hollywood-style fiction filmmaking at Brigham Young University and during several months on the Angels & Demons film set with director Ron Howard. Since then, he has expanded his skills as a producer and cinematographer in nonfiction storytelling and 4K motion-control visuals. With a decade of experience, Jared loves opportunities to travel and meet new people. Jared is currently based in Utah, USA, but considers the world to be his workplace (5 continents and counting!).

Brenden Bytheway


Composer & Sound Engineer

Personal Website

 Brenden Bytheway has been involved with dozens of projects that have accumulated over half a billion views, had music featured in multiple TV shows, and worked with the world’s top brands including Ford, Toys R Us, Mattel and Adobe. Having mixed and scored for feature films and TV, Brenden has a keen ear for music and sound. He enjoys smoking meat and listening to great music on his speakers in his underwear.

Doug May


Composer & Sound Designer

Personal Website

 Doug May is driven by a deep sense of curiosity about the world and how we experience it. While earning a degree in chemistry, he discovered his passion for music and sound design. With a love of exploration and a wide variety of interests, music and sound became the perfect marriage between the analytical and the emotional. He has since collaborated with Brenden Bytheway (Bytheway-May) and done music and audio work on a variety of projects world-wide including feature films, TV, and commercials.

Phillip Goodwin

Creative Director

Director / Animator

Personal Website

Phil is a hands-on director and animator of creative videos. His specialty is striking visuals with motion graphics. When he collaborates on a video, your story becomes his passion project and a rich creative process begins. Phil is based in northern California and is always looking for a creative adventure.


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